Red Arrows Chatsworth Derbyshire

So my other love is flying or anything to do with aviation and while I was fortunate enough to be down at the bournmouth airshow this week where I got to see the red arrows perform once again their amazing display it never quite beats sitting up on Beely Moor nr Matlock, Derbyshire waiting for one to fly over making us diver for cover. Fortunatly I didnt dive for cover (although my 3 yr old nephew did) but as usual it always seems that near the end 1 red goes a little stray and does a fly over for us toggers and enthusiasts waiting on the hill, this time it was right over me.

Heading right towards me and at some speed make lots of a noise I did my best and snapped as fast as my camera would. Due to the horrible weather and white sky results on the camera didnt look great but once I got back home and did a litle processing work these particular 2 are the ones I liked the best.

Picture or no picture having a red pass over you feeling like you could touch it (obviously not!) making children dive for cover is always an experience!


This is when i spotted it!


This was it a few seconds later