New Bath Hotel – 70th Birthday Party

Although only a for a few hours, I had a lovely time capturing some memories of a 70th birthday party at the New Bath Hotel in Matlock Bath. The family who all now live in different parts of the UK came together to celebrate at the New Bath which held some long lasting memories for many of them. They decided to contacted me and see if I would come along and capture some group and in-formal photo’s for a short time before there meal, the sun was shining and it was a pleasure to do so.

Sarah & Trevor Wedding Rowsley Church Whitworth Darley Dale


Although we had rain in the air nothing was going to stop Sarah & Trevors wedding going just as planned. Starting at St Kathrine’s church in Rowsley and moving onto the whit worth hotel & park in Darley Dale in Derbyshire, this wedding was an absolute pleasure to be photographing. Both Sarah & Trevor were absolutely amazing along with all other family members and guests who put up with the rain and ventured out what ever the weather.

The Whitworth Park is a regular occurrence for myself and my family being so close to home and somewhere where I have always wanted to have a wedding to photograph. With this in mind I was super excited about this day and although the weather did hinder us a little It made me realise how lovely and amazing the park is for wedding photography and I look forward to my next one.


Rachel & Stephen’s wedding Makeney Hall Belper Derbyshire

makeney-hall-wedding-303Via a recommendation from a previous wedding I was more than happy when Rachel & Stephen decided to let me photography there special day at Makeney Hall in Belper, a venue I had not yet had the opportunity to photography. With rain clouds hovering around as well being forecasted I made sure I was there nice and early early with a rain plan and umbrellas at the ready. Luckily it stayed away nearly all day and we even had some sun to help capture the day in all its glory.

Both Rachel and Stephen were amazing to work with and the whole day went just as planned with Makeney Hall giving us plenty of photographic opportunities. It was another wedding that came to an end to fast, whilst tired and ready for a beer myself I was sad to leave.

It really was a privilege to photograph Rachel and Stephens wedding and wish them both a happy journey ahead.


Kimberly and Richard Reynolds Wedding

Unfortunately Kimberly and Richard had a bad start to the wedding journey when there original plans for a sunny wedding in turkey took a turn which resulted in them both having to organise a wedding for back here in Derbyshire in only 3 weeks.

Its not very often I get to do weddings in Autumn so when Kimberly’s family got in touch and asked me to photography their wedding at St Giles in Matlock Derbyshire I just new it would be thriving with autumn colours which would hopefully offer some beautiful backdrops, weather depending of course!

When the day came, I have to say they all did an amazing job and although there wasn’t any english sun (never-mind turkish sun) we didn’t have rain and the day was amazing. With a late ceremony (3:30pm!) I new it was going to be a race against time before I lost the light for day but we managed to snap some just before it got too dark.

I’m not sure what all this 1 to 2 year planning is all about!

You can see how this lovely day unfolded my gallery here.

Thank you


Carrie and Martin’s Wedding at Mapperley Farm

First off I have to say, this was a wedding I was looking forward too. Up to now I ever had the opportunity to photography a barn and forest wedding so while it was new it was also very exciting. The day started amazing and ended as it started with both the bride and groom looking and being an amazing couple. With Mapperley Farm at Ilkeston having some amazing scenery to go at, Carrie and Martin wanted to experiment with photography just as much as I did and gave me some amazing opportunities to try shots I normally never get chance at.

The day, setting and bride, groom and everyone on the day made it perfect and will be one to remember.

View some image from the day

Landscape Photography Stanage Edge

Landscapes are one of my favorite things to photograph, the nature and beautiful free light that you can find is just magical. As with a lot of things in life, landscape photography is time consuming and more than not requires you to be “in the right place at the right time” which has meant I haven’t been able to take part in much landscape stuff for a while.

I have since had a word with myself and decided to get back out there and see what I can do and last night was just what i needed. I had a feeling there was going to be some nice light last night so I, Sarah (partner) and Ozzie (dog) headed over to Hathersage and got setup. As the night went on the light got better and better and I was finding myself snappig away trying to remember all the techniques I used to do in order to make sure I had all i need to make up a composition.

Im not a big fan of shooting directly into sun, however I am personally pleased with the results and its given me the urge to do more.

Here are a few of my favorites.

28146388760_739f1ae98e_k 28350014591_741036e2dd_k 28395454106_da8d357153_k

Lauren & Jonny Wedding White Hart Moorwood Moor

lauren_jonny_featureI had the pleasure of photographing Lauren and Jonny’s wedding at the White Hart Moorwood Moor in Derbyshire. It was a full day of sun with a nice relaxed atmosphere which made the day feel even more special.

Lauren and Jonny were both exceptional on the photographing side and made me feel very part of the day too which I feel helped capture some of the special moments throughout the day.

It was an absolute joy and I was glad to have been part of it. Here are some of the shots.


Dave and Natalie’s Wedding, Huddersfield

Whilst trying to get my feet into the wedding photography ground around Derbyshire, I managed to get the opportunity to do a good friends wedding in Huddersfield. Dave and Natalie asked me to do their photography, and whilst it being only my 3rd wedding which nerved me somewhat I nevertheless agreed and after some reassurance talk from the bride and groom any nerves were soon put to rest.

One thing Dave and Natalie did keep bringing up was the fact they would like me to be a guest and a photographer, this was challenging and on the day despite being told numerous times to take a rest, I couldn’t put the camera down in fear of missing them vital shots. The day was beautiful and the wedding was fantastic and I was very grateful of the opportunity I was given and therefore wanted to do my best to capture they day as I saw it, I hope I did.

I have posted some images in my gallery here: Dave and Natalie Wedding

I hope you enjoy them.


Red Arrows Chatsworth Derbyshire

So my other love is flying or anything to do with aviation and while I was fortunate enough to be down at the bournmouth airshow this week where I got to see the red arrows perform once again their amazing display it never quite beats sitting up on Beely Moor nr Matlock, Derbyshire waiting for one to fly over making us diver for cover. Fortunatly I didnt dive for cover (although my 3 yr old nephew did) but as usual it always seems that near the end 1 red goes a little stray and does a fly over for us toggers and enthusiasts waiting on the hill, this time it was right over me.

Heading right towards me and at some speed make lots of a noise I did my best and snapped as fast as my camera would. Due to the horrible weather and white sky results on the camera didnt look great but once I got back home and did a litle processing work these particular 2 are the ones I liked the best.

Picture or no picture having a red pass over you feeling like you could touch it (obviously not!) making children dive for cover is always an experience!


This is when i spotted it!


This was it a few seconds later



Blog Started

I have decided to start a blog, not only to keep anyone interested on what im doing or where I am but also to maybe give an insight to other photography I do apart from the wedding and wedding and portrait photography specialised on this site. Ill do my best to keep this updated as often as I can, always a difficult thing it seems for me (need more time!)


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